Although the new combination forms of life the service life of three bearing combinations of 1/2,but it was already meet the need of users.If you make.

With three E xP or er l series spherical roller thrust the service life of the bearings,bearings will be achieved 200000h.

Of course, in normal working condition of the environment there is no need for this design, in addition, two of them the design of the bearing to decrease the size of the actuator.

The shaft can be shortened, shell and bearing seat reduced casting materials, processing more convenient, make the whole agency costs reduced.

However, because of the cone one hole and cone axis is difficult to machining, so the cost is higher and adjust complex.

Needle roller bearing, and correct selection of needle roller diameter component can achieve high precision bearing clearance and the requirement of preloaded, however, and compared word.

The selection process takes time, and the wind the risk is big, in addition, due to the inventory requirements, system cause this will also increase