Be tested angular contact ball bearing outer ring is mounted on the spindle shaft end in and one of main shaft bearing of indoor, brushless dc motor through flexible coupling drive shaft rotation.By a dc motor drive control,0 ~ 7 kr/min can be stepless speed regulation.At the same time, by speed signal installed in the motor inside the hall effect sensor monitoring and transmitted to the drive.

In order to control and display device.Axial load by farmar lever loaded into the bearing inner ring.

When angular contact ball bearing outer ring rotates, angular contact ball drive the ball bearing outer race for the revolution and rotation motion, including rolling road,by steel ball and lubricating oil between the drag power Angle contact ball bearing inner ring

Generate a force, this force with angular contact ball bearings inner ring tight fit on the spindle of stop blocks are passed to the dowel bar and oppression sensor installed on the frame friction, and thus measured bearing friction.

By computer control panel to collect dynamic friction force signal, and then through the test check acquisition system for data processing, conversion of the angular contact ball bearing friction torque values.

Be tested using the porous poly acyl of self-lubricating bearing Amine cage, cage pocket hole with circular and square shape,Inside and outside the ring and ball materials for 9 cr18.