Angular contact ball bearing friction torque refers to all kinds of friction factors on the angular contact ball bearing of rotary torque, angular contact ball bearing.

Friction torque is a very complicated problem, it not only with bearing.

The structure of the body size, geometric accuracy, material performance, also with the work load and assembly precision, lubrication condition and processing technology and other factors the relevant.

According to the internal friction of angular contact ball bearing, angular joint ball bearing friction torque are the main factors of rolling material elastic hysteresis after, viscosity of lubricant between roller and raceway.

Rolling body and race between differential sliding, rolling on the rolling path of spin slide,friction between roller and cage and cage guide guard mount.

Brush, the six factors of the sum of friction torque is the Angle of contact the ball bearing friction torque.

The above factors caused by angular contact ball bearings formula of friction torque component we’ll explain in detail next time.